Shipping Turkey Eggs.


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May 25, 2009
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I'd really like to order some turkey eggs from sands poultry but, I'm a little nervious about it. First, I live on the other side of the country in Arizona and USPS can be slow and rough. Second, I've ordered chicken eggs and have not had good look with them. The air membrane vibrates loose during shipping.
I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on shipping eggs? It's obviously the cheapest way to go, if they hatch, and looks like the only way I can get quality birds.


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Shipping eggs is risky, when we order eggs ourselves if we get 50% hatch it's ok. Some people get very good hatches from our eggs some don't. We can ship eggs from the same birds the same day and the hatch can vary alot. There are people here on BYC that can speak for our packing methods - it's very rare an egg gets broken or cracked. Have you checked for any local breeders if you are nervous about shipped eggs? You can post on the wanted to buy here of check with the ALBC. If that doesn't work PM us, my husband knows quite a few breeders maybe he can help.



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Jul 13, 2008
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As sandspoultry said it can be risky. I have good packing as well. The best hatch a customer had yet was 18 out of 22. The worst was zero. You can order poults from some places. Porters rare heritage turkeys is a good place.

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May 2, 2008
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Poults are good to order but you have to order a minimum of usually 15 which can be expensive and Porter's is also sold out of all poults through the end of June at this point.

I ordered a dozen turkey eggs from Sands Poultry and recived 16 eggs yesterday.
They did a fabulous job of packing the eggs, none were broken, each egg was individually wrapped in bubble wrap and then surrounded by a bunch more bubble wrap in the box for cushioning.
There was so much cushion that the eggs were not slipping or moving around at all when I was removing them from the box.
You probably could have played kickball with that box and not broken an egg.
I very much appreciated seeing that and I figure even if I don't have a great hatch it won't be from the shipping they did so I figure I will at least get a few to hatch.
I think a good hatch is 50 percent but there are never any guarantees.
I have had chicken eggs shipped where I had 38 out of 40 eggs hatch and where I had zero out of a dozen hatch.
For the most part I have always had something hatch.
I would give it a try and get some eggs shipped if you can't get the poults, if you get a few to hatch you could end up with a trio and be able to raise your own poults next year.

Good luck with it!

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