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    How much is the normal cost to ship a bird? It wouldn't be that long a trip, but how do they do it? Do they ride in a box? Is it fed ex? Ups? lol....sorry if this sounds silly, but I really have no clue how this would work. It would be a full grown rooster. [​IMG]
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    I think there is a minumum $35 because it is express thru USPS. you would need a box they are about $10. and the place shipping and the place receiving cannot have a heat/cold embargo on shipping lives [​IMG]
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    When I ordered six 17 week old pullets, the shipping cost was over $90 (more than the birds themselves). They have to be sent Express Mail, when they arrive at the destination PO the recipient is called and has to show up to sign for them and take them home.

    I would imagine the cost for shipping one bird would be less, but probably not by much. I think a friend of mine has had birds (not chickens, though) that were shipped air cargo and had to be picked up at the airport.
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    Had a Blue Orp roo delivered...cost about fifty five dollars and ten dollars for the box. He was almost ten pound bird.

    Apples, grapes and oranges are usual food fare for the birds to munch on while they are on their trips.

    Post office takes them....others do not take live shipments. Check with your post office first for destination trips and when they call you that they are ready for the birds to go on the trip, you can drop them off before the truck leaves the post office to minimum the stress on the birds. Most of the time, they will sleep in the box, its nice and dark.
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    with express shipping & box fee you are looking at $45.00

    The most I ever paid or was charged was $60

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