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this morning when I let my chickens out for the day I noticed one of the Cornish Cross females didn't run out and attack breakfast. When I went to check on her, she got up, ruffled her feathers and shivered, walked a few steps then laid down again. I took her outside and she again ruffled her feathers, shivered and laid down. She is eating the grass around her but will not move unless I urge her to. Her normal behavior is fairly active even though she is 10+ pounds.
Her first poop of the day is mostly white with a tiny bit of green--not watery but not log-like either. The weather has been changing--going from 100+ degrees to the 70's and overcast within a few days. One of my other chickens, a Leghorn, was sitting for a day(no shivering) but is now up and running around.
Do you think she caught a cold and should I separate her from the others? Or is she just old for a Cornish Cross? Thank you so much!
Maybe too old and heavy..... but don't know and wanting to know the answer. ..
thank you so much! I found something that may be the issue. I noticed that she shivers when putting weight on her right leg. This made me think it could be internal injury. Earlier in the week a Possum attacked my chickens and killed one. I thought that was it, but just now, I checked out my other Cornish Cross hen and she has a huge gash on her back that I didn't see earlier. It was hidden under her feathers. She is amazingly close to healed up(these Cornish Cross have amazing metabolism, I think) and is running around like normal. So maybe my shivering hen has an internal injury like a fracture? There are no bite marks that I can see.
2 more poops from the shivering hen are normal firm poops so she is not sick.
You know, I never want to kill an animal out of spite but man, I really want to put this possum in a cannon and send him off into orbit right now..... :-( not really, but, well, you know.....truthfully, I'm really just mad at myself for not making the coop stronger. That is what I am doing this weekend. oy.
Mmmmmm..... maybe true.... make sure she has food and water next to her at all times..... and inspect for any fractures or anything.... a vet may help more...
thank you. I watched her yesterday and she rested much of the morning. She did follow the rest of the flock, albeit slowly and only shivers when she first has to stand up. She does have a very small limp but it is a bit hard to tell because she is so big and usually walks with a waddle. Her sister is bigger, around 12 pounds and still runs around, dust bathes, and climbs up a bag of lava rocks so I don't think it is a weight issue.
I brought her a cantaloupe half and some tuna and she ate pretty good, and at the end of the day she was eating from the feed bin like normal. She still will not come when called so I'll keep watching her. Thank you for the tip of making sure she has food and water next to her. I will do that. I'll also try and keep her stress level down.
If she doesn't improve, I will take her to the vet! thanks!!
Sounds good.... no need to the vet and the bill of the vet now.... best of luck with her..... keep us posted...
thank you! She is still not well but seems to be doing better. Walking with the flock and eating normally today,though her poops did get a bit watery. She moves stiffly and does try to sit to where there isn't as much weight on her one leg.

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