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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by gwijthoff, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Jul 2, 2010
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    Hey everyone-

    Back in June, we bought four chicks for our new coop, one of whom turned out to be a turkey. Now that the weather is getting colder, we're a bit concerned about some of her behavior. While the three chickens seem to be getting along just fine, Priscilla's (the turkey) legs have been shivering quite often. Sometimes, she'll lift one leg of the ground, pull it up to her body, it will shiver (almost as if she's inducing it) and then go back down to the ground as she takes her next step.

    The spend the night in a fully enclosed, decent-sized shed. There's an open door over which we've nailed plastic drop cloth that gets pulled back during the day. We turn on a small space heater early in the evening for a few hours to insulate the place a bit for the long night. Priscilla seems to be okay during the night, when she's laying close with the three chickens -- the problem tends to be walking around in the open during the day.

    One thing we're thinking might be a source of the problem is diet. Aside from the occasional scraps, all four of our birds just eat layer pellets. Perhaps Priscilla needs more of a specialized diet we're not aware of?

    We and Priscilla thank you for any advice you can give!

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    One of mine did this a week or so back so I'm curious what other people think. It was never at night, just during the day and it usually wasn't very cold at all. I never thought much of it though because she's perfectly healthy.
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    Your guess about diet is probably correct. They should all be on start and grow feed until they begin laying eggs (around 5-6 months old), then switch to the layer feed. Also, turkeys need higher protein content for development, her joints are probably aching.

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