Shocking Food Industry Secrets

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    Now how sad is it that I wasn't at all shocked/surprised by any of these?

    Does that mean I'm just numb/used to it... or am I more informed than the journalist who wrote this?

    Personally I think number 3 was the most annoying though...

    3. Fresh fruits and vegetables cost 10 times more than junk food, according to researchers at the University of Washington. A thousand calories of nutritious food cost $18.16, while a thousand calories of junk food cost a mere $1.76. How do they keep junk-food costs so low? Pretty simple, actually: flavor enhancers and other chemical additives.

    Seems like used to junk/Out To Eat was an expensive treat and buying flour, eggs, milk, etc and making your own at home was the frugal (not to mention healthier) way to live... am I delusional or was it really that way once upon a time??
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    WOW. [​IMG] I knew the USDA was bad... but gosh. They're just in it for the money aren't they? They don't care one lick about us...

    This one was an eye opener...
    #5: Your food can legally contain maggots and rat poop. Sure, the FDA limits the amount of such appetite killers in your food, but that limit isn't zero. Trace amounts won’t make you sick, but the thought of them will.
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    No, it was that way a long long time ago, in a land far away. Junk food is cheaper also because of gov't subsidies on corn - corn is in dang near every grocery shelf "food". If that weren't the case, a can of soda might cost $3. The low cost is an illusion.

    9. There's a good chance chicken will make you sick. In a 2006 Consumer Reports review, more than 80 percent of whole broiler chickens bought nationwide contained campylobacter or salmonella—the leading causes of foodborne illness in America.

    And yet FDA is freaked out by raw milk that tests negative. Crazy or just stupid?
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    Quote:You forgot "Well Paid" as an excuse... [​IMG]
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    Not crazy or stupid....sinister comes to mind.

    What is really happening is that we are getting mooned by a bunch of politicians with their heads in the sand. Money talks and unfortunately the intrest groups are selling a pack of lies to the powers that could get some of this changed. But change would mean that something is wrong with the system and we wouldn't want to admit that now would we.

    The other day my son was talking to an older lady at church about MSG and how it was in a lot of food and it was a neurotoxin with somewhat addictive properties. Her reply? "Well, our government wouldn't lt that sort of thing be put in our food." I think she needs to pull her head out of the sand too.

    Climbing back down off my high horse....
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    In SW Missouri there were two teenage girls fined and sent to jail. For what? For selling raw milk to an undercover law man (or something like that). In order to sell raw milk in Missouri your customers have to come to your house/farm or you go to their house. Because these girls were selling milk at a convenient drop-off point to their customers, they were fined and sent to jail. For CLEAN raw milk... [​IMG]

    ETA: Their milk was tested and came back clean. They were still fined and sent to jail though...
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    Have you ever seen the documentary FOOD, INC ? I always take documentaries with a grain of salt because I figure no one goes about making them without deciding what they are trying to prove first, but my neighbor told me to watch it. She's from a family of farmers and said it was so true.
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    I hate to tell you folks its the corporations not the FDA. The FDA is an administration we the people can elect officials that decide how the FDA works.. The GW Bushes administration essentially tied the hands and gaged the mouth of the FDA, in favor of corporate interests. Also they appointed folks from nice trustworthy companies such as Monsanto to high positions within the FDA...

    So yes the FDA is nothing more than a fox guarding the hen house. HOWEVER, it is we the peoples doing.. [​IMG]

    Restore the agency to what it once was for the safety and well being of our population.

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    Quote:Of course it's the corporations.

    What surprises me most is that anyone is still surprised by all this.

    Rising cancer rates, American obesity, rising digestive disorders, the rising incidence of asthma in children -- the list goes on and on --

    Meanwhile, people who are struggling with this job market often cannot afford to eat healthful food.
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    So if the gov. subsidizes corn, why have feed prices gone up so much?

    I think the failed Tarp 1 and Tarp 2 will soon cause hyperinflation. Then we'll be in a whole heap of trouble.

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