Shocking good first lays.

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    Apr 6, 2016
    I got a pair of hens a few months ago and it's that time where they should be laying their first egg. Now the other day I found my first egg. Yay!! But then the day after my father found two (both in the same nesting box) and he assumed it was Gertrude because she was moving away from that spot at the time. I had always thought the first one was Loretta's. All three eggs are the same shape, colour and size so either I have an amazing and productive first layer or they're both laying. They are both mixed breeds but both have the same half-breed (I'm thinking they had the same father) so if they were both laying in guessing that's why they look identical. But all the eggs have been perfectly firm just a little small so I suppose my question is, can a first time laying hen lay twice a day? Because I know it can happen but with a hen on her first lay?! Seems to good to be true.

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    [​IMG] It's possible, but not probable. Most likely both hens are laying.

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