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  1. There are many threads on BYC about Marans. There are alot of folks wanting to buy them. There are alot of folks selling them. There are very high prices being paid. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are many excellent and reputable breeeders selling Marans eggs. They love their birds, are committed to improving their lines and are not just trying to make a fast buck.

    I have bought alot of Marans eggs this year, mostly Copper Blacks, but also some Copper Blues, Golden Cuckoos, and Wheatens. I spent about a year researching this breed and purchased my first eggs close to a year ago. I have purchased from 13 different breeders. All but 2 experiences were positive. The two negative experiences were eggs that were too light, sold as Marans when they were no where near a 4 on the Marans egg scale. This alone makes disqualifies them as Marans.

    If you want Marans eggs, don't just buy them without learning about the lines, understanding the standard, understanding the egg scale and what it means and realizing a fair market price. I hope folks will add to what I start here.

    The going rate for quality Copper Blacks and Wheatens is 60-70 dollars a dozen and folks usually add a few extra eggs. Shipping is added to this cost. Cuckoo Marans are usually start around $25 or so shipped as they are more common, but quality cuckoos will run a bit higher. Some folks sell Copper Black chicks for $12-25 per chick straight run plus shipping for quality chicks (I have certainly seen them cheaper).

    Higher price tags DO NOT mean better egg and bird quality.

    These birds are all about the eggs. Eggs should be large and at least a 4 on the Marans egg chart, anything lighter disqualifies it as a Marans.

    A reputable breeder will not send old, or small eggs or eggs that are lighter than a 4 unless notifying the buyer they are sending such. They will answer your questions honestly and openly about the flaws of their particular line. They will not misrepresent their egg color or stock. Most people are honest, but with the high prices these eggs can command, there have been some unfortunate experiences. Just because someone advertises here does not mean one should conclude they have quality eggs or stock. Please save your money and do your homework.

    There is a Marans thread in the Breeds forum. You can find alot of information there. There is a new Marans bloodline thread.

    You can join the yahoo groups Marans Chicken Club or Marans Breeders of America. Many folks belong to both and both are a great source of information, but do not assume because a breeder is listed there or here that they have good stock. You still need to study up.

    I am going to post a few pictures here of egg size and color comparison, as well as chick size and comparison. My birds are not all old enough to post all the different lines yet, but I will as they mature.

    I hope folks will add information to help out folks interested in getting into this breed. I care about the integrity of the breed, but also hate seeing folks getting taken advantage of.

    Anyone buying or selling Marans should have a printed copy of the Marans egg chart. If your breeder does not have one, they cannot give you a reasonable estimate of the darkness. Ask how long they have owned the birds, how many they have hatched, what their lines flaws are, where they got their birds from, if they have feathered shanks. Get pictures. Look at the tails. Are they too upright? Look at the coloring, is there too much red? Try to look at many pictures. How do the combs look?

    Good luck!

    If you have a breeder that you would like to recommend. Please feel free to share. I would ask folks not share recommendations if they have only seen the eggs online but have not received them, as pictures online often do not accurately reflect what is actually shipped out. I am asking that there be no negativity. Just state the facts so others can see and learn. Please also keep this focused on the topic at hand. Trolling or arguing will be reported so this thread can stay open.

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    I agree with Solsken Farms! There are lots of people out there trying to take advantage of people right now. I bought my BC eggs from a very reputable breeder and only paid $80 for a dozen, including shipping. They were a 6-7 on the color scale, even this late in the year. Definitely make sure you do your homework so you don't get burned!
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    What a nice way to help with those who might get sucked into Marans Madness! I have found myself tempted so many times to buy eggs on Ebay, but have been able to stop because I just don't feel I know enough yet.

    Wish I had something else to offer, just wanted to say nice idea! [​IMG]

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    Well, I am trying to learn what to look for but so far haven't come up with much and I am in both those groups. I am hoping some day to find someone who can actually tell me what to look for in each breed(in English!) or a website that will tell me (I have not been able to understand the sites that have been recommended to me so far).
    If someone would make up a list of good breeders this would help as well as it seems to be some kind of secret, sigh.
    Anyway, I can't afford to pay the high cost for the black coppers or the others but I do have cuckoo marans eggs in the incubator, not sure if they are good ones or not, don't know how to tell.
  5. Quote:I bought some off of ebay, and let me tell you, bad bad eggs. I was told they were "medium brown, and not as dark as they would like, but they were working to improve color". Most were lighter than my Red Stars and the rest were as light as my Buff Orps. I asked for and received a full refund and threw them in the trash. They would be worthless as Marans, since they did not qualify due to their egg color.

    Occasionally a good breeder will sell Marans eggs on ebay but in general I think it is too risky and certainly the prices are much higher than you need to spend.
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  6. Thanks for posting this. I'd like a few nice Marans for extra color in the egg basket, and had been perusing what is available. This reference will certainly help.
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    Buying from unknowns via online auctions is like playing Russian Roulette.
    The odds are going to be against you being happy with what you get.
    Definately buy from well-known reputable private breeders.
    Bev Davis has links on her website for some other long time reputable breeders that have been breeding Marans for a long time.

    If a backyard breeder (no matter how nice they come across) boasts they have as an example Bev Davis stock, that does not quarantee what you purchase from them will be good quality, because chances are they aren't doing selective breeding and the resulting offspring could be poor quality. Most reputable breeders cull heavilly but inexperienced or "careless/think they're going to make $$$ selling Marans" breeders are going to keep and breed cull birds so they can sell their eggs to you at a premium price.

    Caveat Emptor!
    Let the Buyer Beware!
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    I have got great blue and black coppers from dark eggs and Wade Jeane lines Peachick a member on this forum has a great quad! I have six of their huge healthy chicks in my brooder. I will recommend her because she asks a very resonable price and has great birds. Will Marrow of Whitmore Farm is another breeder I can recommend ! I do not have any of his birds direcetly but peachicks stock is from him. He has amazing dark eggs and has the most stringent cull and breeding practices of anyone I have every met. I have personally visited his facility and can say it is spotless and amazingly organized. Also all his birds are happily run on pasture. I have also visited peachicks place and she has amazing birds that have a great life and are very loved.

    Will Site is and you can search peachick on this forum!

    best wishes on the crazy marans scramble I know I got a great deal with local breeder,

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    Just wanted to add that is you are looking for feather legged cuckoos they are a little bit more money, I paid $40 including shipping from someone that has Cratty cuckoos. The eggs still aren't as dark as the BC, but they are nice. As for Richard (MaransGuy), his eggs are gorgeous, very dark and very large. I nearly cried throwing out the duds, the shipping did a number on them [​IMG] (but they all started developing) . I can't comment on the chicks as they are to hatch next week [​IMG] . I also got some from another person that has Davis birds, very large and very pretty [​IMG]
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  10. Krista, will you share the breeder for folks?

    Henry, I emailed Will and he sounded great! If I hadn't gotten so many eggs this fall I would definitely get on his list. [​IMG]

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