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Feb 18, 2009
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
on Saturday my dad and i went to Home Depot about an hour there. But we didn't buy anything! We were just writing down different things and how much they were...(just a speculation)
so here it is

x1 100 or 175 watt heat lamp $10
x? light cord $1.68/m
x3? cellulose insulation $8.77 per bag
x1 1" chicken wire $45.00 per roll 48"x50'
x3 OSB 1/4" 4'x8' $6.20 per board
x2 2x6 stud 10' long $4.64 each
x1 roof vent $11.00
x2 vent 8x8" $8.00 each
x10? 1x2 stud 8' long $1.07
x1 PL900 adhesive $6.00

Choice of:
Lamp pigtail, or porcelain socket, $4 and $5 respectively, 100 plastic ties, $3.70, 2 prong plug, $3.30

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