Shopping totes in TN - Willing to ship though!

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    Paper or plastic? How about none?

    These bags are cute, reusable, washable, and strong!
    Great for groceries, farmer's market goodies, as a diaper bag, beach tote, book bag, regular purse!
    These are brand new bags that I made, some fabric is thrifted or made from upcycled material.

    This one measures 19"x12" and is great for groceries or as a beach tote! Asking $15 or best offer.

    This one measures 13"x13" There is a slight imperfection with the straps, that is easily fixed, I don't have a seam ripper right now though ;_; So I'm only asking $8 or best offer.

    This one measures 10"x13" It's made from brand new material on the outside and an upcycled tank top on the inside. There is a pocket on the inside and has a slight imperfection. Asking $12 for this one or best offer.

    I'm also selling ugly bags haha! They're basically t-shirts made into grocery bags. Selling them for $5 for 3 and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I'm trying to get at least 3 sizes in the package.

    Shipping is $5 and it will be priority.

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