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    I just posted this for my daughter
    its part of a series and I plan to put inforation on this to

    Pleease don't Plagurize
    My eldest daughter typed this fo her scholl

    If Possessed was still around During Stars

    Skyscraper scurried over to Grass who looked quite sorrowful. Despite the cool rain that had drenched the ground, the inside of the building was warm. Grass was thankful the kit had a chance to rest. As Grass leaned against Skyscraper his gaze darted over to the breeding loft.
    Collecting his thoughts, Grass stuttered, "Sky," "my dad has been killed, but not by Lark, but by Possessed. I have a notion that he is milling outside, somewhere hiding among the shadows. Before my father, It's a Mystery, died he told me to beware of birds that have gone mad."
    Skyscrapers curiosity surpassed his caution as he whispered, "Let's go to the loft.
    "No way," said Grass shrilly. All of a sudden they saw a white shape in the window. Grass screamed, even though the figure didn't look much like a pigeon as it had a humpy back and a hole in its beak.
    Ruthlessly Skyscraper lunged at the white pigeon-like thing. Reeling, he drug a white bag back through the secret doors inside the coop. Awed by how it felt and the noise it made, the two cocks jumped on it waking up the other two residents.
    The roan one squealed, "Darn it, they didn't fall for the hoax we set up."
    The roan one was Dots and the light tortishell hen standing vertical to her was Star.
    "Hens!" the cocks thought alludly.
    Slowly the pair of hens encroached towards the shoddy plastic bag, grabbing the bags handle away from the cocks. Soon a game of tug-a-war began, clutching the handles with their beaks.
    When the sun met the horizon, the two boys escorted the hens back to their boxes before they went to theirs. Grass and Skyscraper slept well despite the urgency in the loft the breeding loft.

    She let me use it so enjoy

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    Thanks for sharing... Cute story...

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