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Sep 17, 2008
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We are on our third hatching and I had a question. Last hatch and this hatch the chicks have started hatching at about 19 days. They have all lived and have no defects, but I'm curious if this is common because I've read and been told 21 days?

We keep the incubator between 99-100 and humidity in the 50% range. We had 70% hatch rate last time, so I'm not complaining, just curious. And yes, I know nothing is "for sure" with animals.

it takes about 21 days. I've had eggs in the past begin hatching day 17, Then other hatches (same temp, and humidity) didn't hatch til day 23. Just depends on the eggs I guess.
I have a broody sitting. It's day 19 today and her eggs are hatching! One chick's out already and 2 more are on the way. Must say I was a bit sceptic when my DH told me he heard cheeps from her nest this morning, but they're hatching!
That's not bad
My hen managed 8/10. Very good for my chickens!

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