Should I be concerned? (Warning; poo photo)

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    I'm new to chickens and just got three on Tuesday this week. The two Delawares are doing great. They stick together all the time but they don't seem to like my White Rock very much. They chase her around and pick her feathers. I'm guessing that just the pecking order being established.

    My concern is that the White Rock's poo is an orange/yellow colour and has been for five days. She's eating when the others leave her be but she's laying down a lot and very skittish with me.

    The two Delawares were just starting to lay when I got them but the White Rock is a few weeks younger and has not started to lay yet. I have them all on layer food because that's what the guy who sold them to me said to do. He has raised show chickens all his life so I figured he should know what's best.

    Anyway... Here's a photo of her and her poo.

    Should I be concerned, or is she just adjusting to the new home and the pecking order thing?




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    Are all of her poos like that...or just every so often? It is normal to have a runny poo every so often. I can't see any worms or blood.
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    When you got them did you get some of the food that they were used to eating or did you start them on some other brand? Our original chickens went through that b/c we had started them on something completely different than what they were used to. We kept them on layer crumbles but not the same brand. Now when I get chicks/chickens from someone I always ask for a little of the feed so I can mix it with the food they will be transitioning to.
  4. Nah. All of my girls drop one like that every so often. Not regularly, mind you. If it happens all the time, something could be up. Occasionally -- not a problem.
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    Quote:Wow! Now there's a page worth bookmarking. [​IMG]

    I guess I won't concern myself with her poo any longer then.

    This is such a great web site. Thanks. [​IMG]
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    Quote:aaugughhghghhhhghhhhhh!!! ok i should not have sat down with a bowl of ice cream to look at this...ugh

    but um. thanks for sharing! (actually this was really helpful. gross. but helpful)

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