Should I be worried about these blood spots?

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    Jul 21, 2013
    Yesterday morning I went into the coop and no blood spots. When I went to check on them later apparently they'd been up on top of their sleeping house (they do this often) and there was a couple of blood spots on the top of the nest box. I'm new to chickens so I thought maybe they had pooped this out, but when I searched online for blood in chicken poop it didn't look like that. It looked more like if they had cut their foot and a couple drops of blood came out. So I cleaned their house out and noticed that all the poop in there looked normal. Today I went out there and checked and again all the poop from over the night last night looked like normal chicken poop. So I checked all their feet which to me look normal. I didn't find any obvious cuts, sores etc. One bird had something a bit questionable but I think it's just dried on poop. Where did this blood come from? I can't figure it out. The only other possibility is a squirrel. The squirrels come in there and raid their food, or try to. I've seen the chickens challenge them so it's possible that by now they are big enough that they can do damage to a squirrel. I guess what I'm wondering is if I should be worried about this blood?? My chickens don't appear to be sick or injured. They are eating and drinking fine and scratching around as usual. What would you do?
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    It's alarming to find blood like that! I occasionally find blood splatters and never find where/who it came from. I've come to the conclusion that it's from their combs - I think they bleed a lot when cut or pecked. That said, if you aren't noticing anything abnormal or seeing injuries, then don't worry too much about it. Some of them probably got into a spat or something and caused a superficial wound.
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