Should I be worried... Chicken with watery eye

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  1. pamperedpoultry

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    I have 4 month old barred rock bantam rooster with watery eye. I noticed the 2 times that I've been out to my chicken lot today he's been on the perch kinda off to hisself. He dosent have any other symptoms and you cant tell its watery until he goes to close it. Its not matted or anything like that. I did notice when I went to bring him in that it looked like it may of had a scratch or something at the top but I havent noticed it since then. I brought him in and put some terrimycin eye oinment just in case in his eye and few drops of VetRx down his throat. He dosent seem sickish in here he's tryin to get out of the cage actually. I gave him some water with apple cider vinegar in it also, although I haven't seen him drink. He was in a pen with about 30 more chickens that are all around his age. So I'm hopin maybe he just got picked at and thats why he was off to hisself. I've had a chicken with Coryza before so now everytime I think one is sick I freak. Should I be worried or Not. I'm debating on turning him back out with the others he's not content in here.
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  2. pamperedpoultry

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    I've decided to keep him up a few days in a bird cage in our spare bedroom. He still doesn't act sick but he is closing his eye alot. But still no discharge or anything like that Just a lil watery when he closes it.
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    Have you given him anything? If I were you, I would put some antibiotic in his water. It won't hurt him. I wouldn't think, someone can tell you better than me.
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    The only thing I've given him Is the VetRx, just a couple drops down his throat, Apple cidar vinegar in his water and the Terrimycin in his eye. But no antibodic's yet.
  5. texaschickmama

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    Sep 19, 2007
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    Is his nose running? Are you sure it's his eyes watering? You sound like you are doing good.
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    No his nose is clear no discharge at all. His breathing is fine, he shows no symptoms of being sick in here. The only reason I noticed anything about him at all was I was out to my coop around 3 times today looking for eggs since it was cold didnt want to leave them out. But everytime I went out he was on the perch off by himself. Once I picked him up I noticed he was keeping the one eye closed more than the other. He really doesn't what ya say have a runny eye it waters up a bit when he closes it kinda like it just irritated. Thats why I thought maybe he had gotten picked at which would explain him being off to himself also. I don't know I tend to spaz when I see the lest lil sign of anything wrong now.
  7. sammi

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    maybe he was just pecked..
    I'd keep treating him with the eye ointment..a couple times a day..
    and keep watch for any other symptoms..swelling etc..

    I have a little bantam roo that was badly pecked..I thought he might lose the eye...
    and he tended to keep the eye closed for some time..
    also acted very depressed and didn't want to eat for a day or so..
    I treated it by flushing it with saline eye wash and antibiotic eye drops/ointment ..but no systemic antibiotic.
    took a while to be right again...
    but he is fine.

    hope your's will be ok..

  8. pamperedpoultry

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    Quote:Thats what I'm hoping and he's not sick. It dosen't look to have any damage I think just irritated. I'm goin to keep an eye on him for a few days to make sure. He seems to be eating and drinking good too.

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