Should I be worried?

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  1. Fanny's Mom

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    Jan 2, 2008
    I've posted about Fanny before, but things have changed. The problem started because she was sleeping in the nesting box rather than on the perch with all the other girls. I thought she was eggbound but she was not. A couple of days prior, the chickens had been freeranging and "something" attacked Fanny. I found the feathers all over the ground and she was sitting petrified in a bush. I had to pry her out and carry her back to the coop. At the time, I looked her over and she seemed okay. It was 2 days later she started sleeping in the nesting box. That was when I discovered her right eye was swollen shut. That eye is now open again, although she does close it every now and then, so it must still be bothering her. The only thing I can assume is that she can't see well enough from one eye to get onto the perch. She does come out every day and gets her exercise in the run. She's also eating just as she always has.

    In other words, she's acting absolutely normal except for sleeping in the box.

    Should I be worried?
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    Jun 12, 2007
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    I'd say, keep an eye on her eye. She may be sleeping in the nest box because she felt safer there. With the one eye out of commision for a few days, her visibility was smaller, so a small cube with only one exit or entrance probably appealed to her. I hope her eye gets better!


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