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    Feb 16, 2008
    My son's kindergarten class adopted out some baby chicks and we got one. We've had it only for 1 day and already have had some drama. I asked my sons teacher if we needed a heat lap and she said no just keep it in the box. The chick was fine yesterday afternoon until today. Very lathargic, not moving. So we tried to give it water with a medicine dispenser and I called a feed store for advice. The lady told me to put it in the sun and every 30 mins give it water. I did and he came back to life. This evening I sent my hubby out to get a heat lamp and it's acting the same way. Is this normal? While my husband was at the store someone told him to be careful with salmonilla (sp?) I have 4 kids and 1of those is a 4 month old. Is it a good idea to have a baby chick with such little kids and not having any idea how to care for it?
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    Your kids can not get salmonella from your chick, but it does need some things immediately.

    A heat lamp is good, but make sure it is 95 degrees (a thermometer must be in there at all times) the first week then decrease by 5 degrees every week. It needs to have a waterer and a feeder with medicated chick starter. Chicks don't need to eat for the first 24-48 hours but they do need to eat after that. If the chick is very droopy you can even try one very small drop of Poly-visol. But please be very careful it doesn't inhale it. Just hold the dropper up to it's beak and let it sip it out.

    If the chick is all alone, put a stuffed animal in with it and a small mirror so it thinks it has a friend.

    Good luck and keep us posted! And welcome to the board and the wonderful world of chicken loving, Suz
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    A chick does need heat lamp...95 degrees for the first week. How old is it? What are you feeding it? Before we can help a little more info would help.
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    How old are the baby chicks? Does it have feathers? Are you feeding chick starter? They do need to be under heat lamp if they have no feathers. And keep up with the water. How is it now?
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    When I took Tom and Jerry home, I got a box, a heat lamp, food and a waterer...and a care sheet...

    They need the heat until they moult out of their baby down.

    If you only have one chick, a mirror and/or a stuffed animal is a good thing.
    They need a waterer that they can't fall into and drown.
    They need chick starter.

    Salmonella, please...unless you're go kissing the chick on it's lips (guilty as charged) then you should be fine...just wash your hands with soap and water after scooping the ploop, or handling the chick.

    You came to the right place to get accurate information...the chick will thank you. [​IMG]
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    I'm sorry, but that sons teacher needs to be...#$%^#ed...or educated before trying to "teach" chicken raising class....geez.

    Sorry, ...had to vent

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    How sad that this 'teacher' [​IMG] is trying to teach a class about something she does not know about herself. I hope you might teach the teacher so as to help future chicks she 'teaches' [​IMG] her class with.
    I'm glad you are not stopping with her info and making a better start for the poor chick. I hope everything turns out well for the little chick [​IMG] You should be able to find all the help you need here. Good Luck and welcome to BYC
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    Sep 18, 2007
    OOOUUUCCCHHH!!!! You would think the teacher would have done a little more research before getting into this project!

    One thing I would like to add to what the others have said is if you know any of the other families involved or at least have parents names, contact them and let them know that the info the teacher sent home is not enough and their chick is in danger!

    Good luck!

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