Should I be worried?

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    Nov 21, 2011
    One of our Rhode island reds were attacked yesterday and I don't know what measures I should take to prevent infection.

    I'd post a photo but I can't due to new member restrictions. But something got ahold of her neck but couldn't kill her. A patch of feathers is missing and a it kinda shredded its neck. However, the day it happened she still layed after and was still eating and drinking. Also didn't fight us when we picked her up to look at it.

    Also she is about 7.5 months old. Nothing else out of thr normal other than no egg today. I'm made sure to put all chickens in their coop for safety and the injured one is inside our house for a bit right now.

    Should I be concerned and should I do anything to it to prevent infection?

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    Apr 10, 2011
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    It wouldn't hurt to put some antibiotic ointment (like nesporin) on any open wound. Just don't use one with pain reliever in it (anything that ends in "caine." It's not good for chickens. Keep an eye on her and watch for anything that looks out of the ordinary. It sounds like she will be fine based on what you posted. It's not uncommon for a hen to skip a few days laying after a stressful event.

    Best wishes to you and your pullet.

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