Should I be worried?

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    I read somewhere that most chickens take around 20 weeks to start laying. I have 3 bantam wyandottes and a duck, all girls, that are about 20-21 weeks. I know I should just be patient, but I just can't wait! When should they be laying?

    And with the duck, when do ducks usually start laying?

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    You're right....just be patient. Just about the time you conclude that you have freak chickens that will never lay, you'll find an egg in a nest box! [​IMG] I've had chickens not lay until over 25 weeks. It depends on the breed and individual chicken. I'd think they'll be laying soon, though.
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    OK, thanks. I'll keep an eye on them. Know about the duck's approximate laying date? :p
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    Don't worry, they should be laying by 25 weeks at the most, sometimes more if it is cold outside and not so much daylight. They will lay as daylight increases.

    As for the duck,I think it may depend on the breed, it takes them usually the same time as chickens though. I have a Pekin duck, and she started laying around 18-19 weeks.She started laying in the summer, but your ducks might lay a little latter than 19 weeks possibly because of the cold and short daylight. My duck layed an egg every day in summer, but now only one egg every two or three days. Spring is when evrybody starts to lay again, I just have to wait a couple months..

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    Mine have a heat lamp, and so have light 24/7. The cold is starting to warm up, so I'll keep watching!

    I chose a bad time to hatch eggs. I hatched them right after the county fair in September, but it worked out OK. I didn't loose any chicks over the winter! Now they're full grown!! :p

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