Should I call him Jack, or call her Jackie?


12 Years
Jun 20, 2007
Central Illinois
Hey all, this is my new friend. Should I call him Jack, or should I call her Jackie? What can you tell me about him or her and how did you make your determination, thanks...

I'd say he/she is about 8 to 9 weeks old, acts like a roo, charging the other girls, jumping and flaring his/her feathers
I'm in no way shape of form a professional.
But to me it looks a lot like a hen.
My roosters I had 3 had a defiant Red, more pronounced comb, Before that age.
Did you get it from a feed store (Orscheln's) or from Estes?

That's a dead ringer for my EE roo, The Professor, and for my neighbor's, also a roo, Gladys. Both were supposed to be sexed pullets,

They're both wonderful birds, and mine is now about 13-14 weeks old. I have to say he's the friendliest bird I have and I love him dearly, despite his crossed beak. He's huge, btw!! Legs like tree limbs!
Got him McMurray, he was supposed to be a she, but, I'm glad the majority says she's a he...I'm getting confused...

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