should I do 'surgery'

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    Jun 8, 2012
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    I have a 7 mo. old R.C.R.I.R. with a very swollen ankle. I finally caught her this evening and was able to get a closer look. From what I could see on the top front part of her ankle there was a tiny purpleish spot. My 'guesses' are 1. she may have be bittnen by a spider or other insect. 2. She may have gotten a cut where bacteria got in and has caused an abcess. My question is ~ should I try and clean the foot and ankle real well and lance the litte area that is purple. Then drownd it is Benadrill. The swelling is getting worse by the day and now she is starting to limp. Any thoughts or ideas appreciated. Thanks !
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    I think you should see if you have a bird vet near were you are because there are some chances that you could make it worse but I dont know It is your call
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    May 17, 2012
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    Look at the bottom of her foot and see if she may have bumble foot.. May be only a small hole that is filled with a scab, if the infection is untreated for long enough it will progress up the leg.
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    I would agree that lancing it may make it worse... probably best to wait a few days in case it's injury or a possible insect bite as you mentioned... I had something similar in one of my chickens some time ago and it got better without doing anything after a couple weeks... Too bad vets are so expensive

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