Should I get a Belgian D’Uccle?


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Jul 6, 2016
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They aren't as docile as Cochins or Silkies, but they are sweet tempered and can be friendly. They can also be good layers, for bantams. They are most definitely cute and colorful.

If you lots of have hawks or eagles in your area, it is best to keep chickens, and especially bantams, housed. A good, secure coop and large, covered run will do the trick. Make sure the coop/run are kept dry. Mud is not good for feather legged birds especially.


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May 27, 2015
I have one, she's a shy little sweetheart. She is pushed around by the other chickens, and so usually stays off by herself.
There is a D'Uccle thread that has been around for years, lots of pictures, stories, info:


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Oct 3, 2015
Most definitely get a d’Uccle! I have two and love them both! Their small size and docile nature makes them easy to tame. My hen is very sweet and will fly up on your lap to be petted but she doesn’t like being picked up much. She’s a lot easier to catch than my others though because she is not afraid of us. We are working on the younger pullet. She is pretty bold so that helps. Also we don’t spend as much time with our flock because we are only with them during our weekends and vacations, so your d’Uccle could potentially be even tamer.
My hen is very alert and a bit domineering over the silkies but never mean or aggressive. For some reason her ‘clucks’ are so high pitched they sound more like peeps :)
My pullet is very social and adventurous. She was the first to challenge the big girls when they were integrating.
The silkies would chase the chicks around but Polly barely cared. Her menacing chirps are adorable however!
We had one before who was the bottom of the pecking order but that is not always the case.
Their fluffy feet can get mites more easily, and they are not as hardy as other breeds, but still better than silkies on all the above fronts. They are also much!!! Less broody than silkies. Those are the only cons I can think of.
So I would definitely recommend a d’Uccle!
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Oct 3, 2015
Oh and as for hawks, that is definitely a risk for all chickens, especially bantams. But like I said my hen is very alert, well better than my silkies at least! Nothing against silkies of course, their poof limits their vision and they aren’t very bright in the first place ime!
Polly is pretty smart and when she free ranges it is usually her who sounds the alarm to hide.
One time a helicopter flew low overhead and the poor hen was terrified!


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Jan 19, 2018
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You should totally get a D'Uccle!
I have 4 and I absolutely adore them :)
D'Uccles are very docile, even the roosters. I can pick mine up without issue. My hen is very, very vocal but in a cute way.
They are great foragers and eat far less than most other breeds.

I would keep them in a secure enclosure; a hawk will definitely take them.

I really do love this breed. I got my birds as adults and did not handle them much. Even with that, my hen is fantastic with young children and special needs adults. She often goes to places with small children for educational purposes and can be handled by anyone. :)


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Apr 3, 2015
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d'Uccles are my all-time favorite bantam breed, and for good reason. :) Before expounding upon this, I must specify that I've found cockerels' tendencies are to become quite aggressive. Others may have different experiences, but that's mine. For that cause, said males are no longer.

Every single d'Uccle pullet/hen/"it" (explanation later on) raised under my care has turned out to possess the exact same personality. One could claim they're all clones of each other. ;) Spunky, sassy, obnoxiously friendly, personable, affectionate, vocal, and needy are all words that describe them perfectly. Just be forewarned that there's potential to end up with one like that won't allow you to get things done around the property. :p





This post isn't anything without Cooties, my munchkin who doesn't fit into either gender category. While I'm not exactly sure what exactly is wrong with it - whether genetic abnormality, hormonal imbalance, or simply being hatched a chimera - I absolutely love this unique sweetie. :) What a character.

Cooties as a cockerel:

Cooties as a pullet:


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