Should I get another silkie?


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Apr 3, 2010
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Right now I have 5 chicks, which is 5 more than I was ever going to have but we all know how that works!! I hatched them in my class at school and became attached to 5 chicks so I of course had to keep them! I think that I have a bit of a problem though... I have an EE, 3 seramas (well one of the seramas has GOT to be something else but I'll post pics later!) and a silkie... I was worried about my smallest serama so I seperated him with the silky and kept them in the house in their own brooder. During the day I put all 5 out in the coop together and the other 3 birds are just downright mean to my silky! They don't bug the tiny serama one bit but they sure go after the silky. I don't know if they are trying to protect the serama or what but it drives me crazy...Eventually this little silky is going to outgrow the serama, she's already at least twice his size, and I'll have to put her out with the other chicks. Should I get another silky for her? I don't want her to be bullied. I'm starting to think that this little serama I've got is never going to be big enough to go with the big chickens... he's still under 2 oz. at 5 1/2 weeks!

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Do you really need this answered?
Of Course you should get another silkie.
Welllll...... Of course that's what I was thinking but I always need a little backup so when my husband flips out I can say, "but dear, all these wise people said I just HAD to get another one!!"
All I had to read is the question and know this is a no-brainer, YES! If you have to stop and think twice about it, you need a good dose of BYC!!!!!

Okay, just so I am clear, In my UNbiased opinion, you should get at least 6 more.
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Ok Ok Now you HAVE to get at least one more silkie for peace and harmony in the chicken house.
Now you can tell hubby the experts said you need more. ( I am no expert but it sounds good). Good luck

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