Should I get this Japanese bantam pair?


9 Years
Jun 23, 2011
I've been looking for Japanese bantams to show, and I found this ad:

Young exhibition Poultry Pairs
"Champion lines, standard fowl PAIRS ONLY: Australorp-some pale lobes $40/pr, Blue Jersey Giant-Very Nice! $50/pr, Partridge Cochin-ready to show-Excellent, some females need a little condition $50/pr. High-placing lines: Black Jersey Giant-v gd type need some condition $30/pr, and Rhode Island Red SC-gd dk color ,need width/depth $25/pr, standard fowl; and also Black-Tailed White Japanese Bantam-exc.type need exercise-fat $10/pr, and Black Sumatra Bantam-tail slighlty high angle on this male, pullet has low angle tail $25.

A few chicks to hatch (order STRAIGHT RUN ONLY by end of May), hatching end of June: White Yokohama $10, Light Brown Leghorn-exc. some spurred female in lines $7, Black or Blue Jersey Giant $7, Mottled and Blue Mottled Cochin Bantam-good type, pattern is gamble! $6, Beltsville Small White Turkey-working on darker eye; $9-20 dep on size/age, or any of the above breeds. Reply with variety and number request and date required.

LT/IVAX, 4/18/12. Testing 2x/yr for AI, S. pullorum.

I underlined and put in bold the part I am interested in. I plan on e-mailing the seller for some pictures of the Japanese pair to see what they look like - if their legs are right, wings angled correctly, and if they have nice feathering. I don't know 100% what to look for, so I will post them on here, or at least put a link to another thread.

I want to know what you guys think - I'm not always best at judging. They said it was Bantam-exc. type. What does that mean??? That it is a mix of breed, perhaps? Also they said the pair was fat. Maybe I could try to help them loose weight, but I've always just given my chickens as much as they can eat and no one is close to being fat. Could it be that they are just the natural plump Japs are???

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