Should I have gotten my chicks vaccinated???


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Jun 3, 2010
How necessary are the vaccinations? Will they get sick if they are fed unmedicated starter? I am definately a newbie! I have heard of a method where powdered milk is used but I really do not want to take any chances...any advice?
Just to clarify..our 4 chickens are arriving tomorrow via mail order (mypetchicken). I guess I have some chicken jitters cause I went to the farmers co-op and they looked at me as if I was CRAZY when I said I wanted unmedicated Chick starter. I did not buy anything then ...but started to research which has me questioning my first choices. Maybe I need to be a bit more practical...Any advice would be appreciated.
I hatched 30 or so eggs this year. I didn't vaccinate ANY of the chicks and fed unmedicated feed. I did not lose a SINGLE one in the brooder.

wait...that's a lie. I lost one. It drowned in the water dish...put marbles or something in your water dish.

We lost a fewf to predators once they went outside, but NONE to disease or anything. Keep them clean and in a location with some air flow (but not a draft) and they will likely be fine.
Hi, Lisa! I don't have an answer for you but my girls are coming from MPC tomorrow too. What breed are you expecting? I wonder if we might end up with sisters!

I did not vaccinate but am using the medicated chick crumbles, all based on a friend of mine here who has raised chickens for awhile. Where are you located? I was told that if you are in certain areas it's more necessary than others.

Thanks for the replies
Yeah, I guess I'll just have to wing it
(bad pun intended). I am getting two Rhode Island Reds and 2 Easter Eggers. That would be cool if we got sisters....

My 5 year old daughter is beyond excited. We live in Fayetteville Arkansas. I don't want to be stubborn and stupid about the no meds chick starter..ya know? We have no other animals and live on almost an acre in town. No one has chickens in my neighborhood that I know of.

The vaccine is for Merkes (sp) and it is very good to have the medicated starter feed is for cocci, it is something completely different I have my chickens vaccinated against Merkes it can wipe out your entire flock, and I feed the medicated starter feed it gives them what they need until their immune systems can catch up plus you never know what they might come in contact with between the hatchery and your place.
Hahaha... We will have to compare note as we go along! We're getting 2 Easter Eggers as well (Sisters maybe?) plus 2 barred rocks. Likewise, we are in a trendy, urban neighborhood in Indianapolis where no one else keeps chickens (that I'm aware of). Gonna be an exciting journey! I hope you'll post pics of your girls when they arrive.


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