Should I insulate or heat this coop? look @ my pics.


8 Years
Dec 30, 2011
I purchased a man's coop with his 6 mo. old laying hens yesterday. It is not insulated or heated but there is a heated waterer and the long lights that run the lenght of the coop. I live in Utah and it is cold today. Is there somehow I can make it warmer by tonight for these chickens? Here are pics . There is a vent on both sides at the top that runs the length of the coop and there is an opening on both sides about 2 inches around the mid section of the coop. Coop is plywood.
Thanks so much!!!



Looks fine to me, well thought out building, I wouldn't do a single thing but leave it be, it's just fine. No need to over-think something that has already been done well.
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The only thing I would check would be those gaps in the boards. Great for ventilation, but could mean a lot of draftiness at roost level. Stand next to the roosts on a windy day/night and see if it's drafty. You could put a board over the lower gaps for the winter and take it off again when temps warm up.

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