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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Erin Brotherson, Oct 18, 2017.

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    Oct 18, 2017
    Hey guys,
    Me and my partner are new to the world of incubation. We started with 7 eggs 30 days ago (started 18th of September) and We have reason to believe that only 2 are still kicking as they're showing signs of movement and have both internally piped. One of the eggs has cracked the outer shell (not poked through enough to make a breathing hole) almost 24 hours ago now we were wonder when and if we should interfere ? The second egg pipped early this morning and isn't moving to much as well.

    These are pekin duck eggs
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    They tend to "rest" in between alot, it's hard work. You could try tapping on the shell, see if they make a sound or move. I'm no expert so hopefully someone with more experience will peep in shortly.
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    Ducklings take a long time to hatch - they'll really make you worry, that's for sure! 24 hours is normal, they can actually take up to 48 hours before they start to zip. As long as the duckling doesn't seem to be having trouble breathing or to be getting any weaker, I'd let it be for now. If he still hasn't started to make more progress in 12ish more hours, or he starts to wane, you might want to start an assisted hatch, the instructions for which you can find here:
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