Should i let her brood?

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  1. i was collecting eggs this morning to set tomorrow. it would be my very first time incubating. well, on my afternoon checkup, out of the blue i had a broody hen. she squawked and squealed and wanted no part of me then. So i was wondering if I should let her brood. she's a new timer and has never showed interest in eggs. So should i? You never know, she might not give up on it.
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    I think you should leave a few under her, and a few to incubate.
  3. ok i will :)
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    Heck... go all out. Put at least a dozen under her!
  5. i don't even have that many eggs being layed in a day... well sometimes. were bonna put some in an incubator and some under her!!![​IMG]im excited to get some!!!!

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