Should I let her sit?

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    Jul 9, 2014
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    My black Orpington pullet has decided to sit on the nest. She will not move and when I stick my hand in the nest/under her she "gurrs" at me with her neck feathers all up. I've tried taking eggs from her but she just tucks them back under her belly.

    Should I let nature take its course? The coop has 1 red heat light source and houses 7 other pullets and 2 roosters. There is no warm room for her anywhere else, sheds aren't heated either. Hubby has asthma which is triggered by pet dander so an absolute NONO in the house.

    We've had a really warm winter so far, only -7C and supposed to go to +4 by next week. Outside temperatures could drop to -30C any day... Would chicks stay warm enough under mom until they feather?

    I am hoping mom would be enough protection?

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    There are some things to consider here. What happens if she doesn't stick around for the chick? The chick will need 90 degrees it's first week at least. Also consider what will happen if the mother and chick are not accepted by the rest of your flock. Do you have a way to separate them? I kept mine separate for the first week and separate every night until they decided it was time to move back in the main coop.

    It's ultimately your decision, but I would personally lean more towards not letting her set. It's just too cold to risk it.

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