Should I move the Goose and her eggs??

Discussion in 'Geese' started by hisnice, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Dec 12, 2012
    I have a coop with geese, peafowl, guineas and chickens. The 50 of them live together in harmony (sometimes noisy harmony) and for the first time, the geese started laying. She/They have 4 eggs so far and I'd like to hatch them, but aren't sure what to do.

    I don't have an incubator and aren't home enough to turn eggs multiple times a day, so I'd like to have the goose hatch them herself.

    I do have a second, smaller hen house and should I move the geese (with or without the ganders) and the eggs to their own house? I'm not sure if I should worry about the other birds harming the eggs. It's also October and I'm in Chicagoland, so it's going to be really cold once they hatch, so what should I do? Move the goslings inside when they hatch? Or is that too late?

    I see a lot of information about taking care of goslings once they hatch, but I couldn't find answers for these questions. Thanks!
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    I think your goose and her eggs need some privacy. Now how to go about that I will leave to someone else to give advise. But when the goslings are hatched Mama and dad will not tolerate anyone being in their space and someone may get hurt, And the goslings will be vulnerable to injury if fighting breaks out. It will be cold when these babies hatch so another reason for mama to be in a stress free environment so she can make sure the gosling can get under her for warmth. Dad will want to be involved in every part of this too. They are great parents. [​IMG]
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    Hi hisnice. Iwouldn´t try to move her nest, you may lose the lot. Geese have a real thing about nesting in the chosen spot. I let mine choose their spot and work around them. What is the size of your coop? Is there enough space to put up a divider so the other birds don´t interfere with where she is now? You´d be ok to move her with the goslings once they´re hatched, I´d just not want to move the nest itself...I did move a nest once about a foot or two to get it away from the run-off from the road. she was a bit suspicious, but accepted the new spot. Moving her out of the coop into another área could risk losing them. I think divider for now and move them once they´ve hatched. And when you move her, put some of her nesting material in with her in her new nest area, so that she has her smell there to help her settle.

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