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May 18, 2009
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1st timer here.

It's day 25 on my 5 Mandarin eggs in the incubator. I candled them 2 days ago, they were moving, the air sack was about right, needless to say, I was pretty excited. Today, as I was transferring them to the hatcher, I candled them - NO MOVEMENT at all. I checked them from every angle. I put them in the hatcher anyway. More than a little disheartened right now.

Any suggestions? Thanx
I have had several hatches that on Day 18 when I stop turning and candle show NO MOVEMENT....just a large dark "blob" and a definite air sac. I have no experience with ducks, but, most of mine that looked like I described above have all hatched. Good luck!!!
When they're that close to hatching you can't always see movement...there's no room left for them to move around. Just be patient.

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