Should I put her down tonight?


Mar 24, 2018
I got back last night from a 4 day business trip and found my Black Sex Link pullet in bad shape. She was hiding in the nesting box from the other hens with her neck pulled in and feathers fluffed out. Upon examination I found what I'm 99% sure to be vent prolapse. She has something sticking out of her vent that's about 3" long. There was a fair amount of blood and feces (both fresh and clotted) matted to her back side as well. I cleaned her up as best as I could and found the protrusion to have gashes in it. It was also crusted over and smell made me think infection.

Even with a long soak in warm water and a lot of Preparation H I was unable to push it back in. It was so crusty (or maybe scabby) that it wouldn't go.

I separated her from the flock in a darkened box with water but no food in hopes that things would return to normal. I'm 24 hours later now and she looks miserable.

Is the most humane option at this point to put her down? (I'll see if I can get some photos added next.)
I just got a pic of it. The size, color and hardness of the exterior are what makes me think she may be too far along...

Do you have a vet in your area that will see chickens?

I'm in somewhat of a rural area so I'm sure I do. I'd need to ask around a bit. You're thinking I should have a pro try to fix her? (It might sound harsh but I'm also wondering about cost. I'm not sure it makes sense to put $100 vet bill into a $2.50 animal... Especially when I read that some birds are have reoccurring issues with this.)
I would put her down. You could take her to the vet. It would be expensive. It would also prolong her suffering and discomfort. People to try to put a prolapse back in. I wouldn't, as I have read that once it happens they are more prone to it. I wouldn't wish that on my chicken. Even though mine aren't pets, I don't want them to suffer. I have tried many times to "fix" a sick or injred animal, only to prolong suffering instead of doing the kindest thing right away.

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