should i put this chick down?

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    Aug 2, 2010
    i have a chick that hatched about 3 days ago. it couldnt stand from the begining. i thought maybe straddle legged so i was given a link and saw the bandaid hobble trick but that didnt work. i pu cardboard on his feet, that didnt work. i tried the chick chair and that didnt work either. he doesnt want to eat, but is very lively and seems strong, hes not easy to hold and manuver as if he was weak or anything. i have tried him on different surfaces its not the problem, i will put him down and steady him, and he will just fall to the side and not be able to get up.i dont know what is going on but i hate hearing him chirp loud and be in distress, not eating and cant scratch himself. its awful, i dont know what else to do besides have dh put him down.. anything i can try before doing that?
    posted in chicks too but i should have posted here first, sorry just need an answer before the nights over please!
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    Try bird vitamins, or baby vitamins w/o iron. I've heard of chicks having problems with standing/walkings due to lack of certain vitamins. Look at her/his legs. Is the skin on the side of it's leg at a lower point that the scales on the front of their leg? If so he/she is dehydrated and needs power-aid or gator-aid.
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    May 1, 2011
    where u located at i might seee if i can take it and care for it i have cured so many one before if its alright with u

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