Should I sell or trade & what are they worth?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by NCIndiaBlue, May 25, 2010.

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    Just looking for opinions [​IMG] - I have 9 male peacocks and 3 peahens, so total of 12. I have 3 Blackshoulder, 3 India Blue and 3 White males & 2 White and 1 India Blue females - they are yearlings, except for one 2 year old Blackshoulder that I'm definitely not getting rid of (he's the favorite) I'm questioning if I should sell some of the males (no more than 1 per color), or should I trade a male for a peahen? I'm thinking I could make more profit from a sale versus trade. I could also let the extra males free-range, but there's always a chance they could leave or a predator could get them. Of course, there is more than just profit I'm considering, I really care about these guys. What would you guys do? If I do sell them, what should I sell them for?







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  2. Quote:Lets see... what would I do... I would keep the 3 females you have for sure... locked up.

    as far as your males... Id keep 1 black shoulder male and 1 white male with the hens locked up..

    that should leave you with 3 indian blues, 2 black shoulders and 2 whites up in the air... I would sell the Indian Blue Males, Ive never really cared much for them... Sell one 1 white male, and let the other 2 black shoulders and 1 white male free rage... provided you have the space.. are you near any busy roads where they could get hit? Are there any predators that could eat them?

    If you dont have the space to free range them... then keep the extra males locked up in there own pen... then each year you can rotate you males to change the blood lines..

    thats what I would do...
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    To me it looks like you have a Pied Black Shoulder male in there?

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