Should I toss the eggs?


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Dec 31, 2010
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I have 19 eggs in my homemade incubator & it is day 21. There are no signs of anything, no stink, no moving, no pips, no peeps, nothing. I have had my doubts about these eggs from the get go. Everything has been right on this whole time, temp, humidity, etc. So, this afternoon I did a float test and after a little while it was still so I cracked it. There was no development and it was all scrambled inside. So I tried a second and it was the same. Should I leave the other 17? And if so how long? My DH go the eggs from a guy he works with who has a farm. He said they are fertile & he has hatched some before. I am so bummed. This is my second try. The first was with TJs eggs. I am just going to go buy some chicks tomorrow.

Oh & I did try candling them, but they are brown & I guess the light wasn't bright enough because I couldn't see a single thing.
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I did but I couldn't see anything. I guess the light wasn't bright enough because I couldn't see at all.
x2...give them a couple more days! Maybe you'll be surprised
If you have nothing else to put in the bator give them more time. You have all to hope for and nothing to loose. Also, go ahead and buy a couple of chicks. I did while waiting for chicks to hatch and it's taken the pressure off. Now I spend time with the chicks instead of looking at the bator every 5 seconds.

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