Should I use Chlorte Tetracycline & Gallimycin to treat sick hen?

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    May 27, 2009
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    Last night I notice a couple of chickens sneezing. We've had alot alot of rain this week.I put some Vet Rx in water to head off any trouble. I also notice that one of the houses they sleep in one corner was wet. It was late and couldn't do anything last night. Well this morning a hen was holding her head and open mouth breathing, and sounded like she maybe wheezing. I went ahead and separated her, and gave her some Duramycin 10 ( think that's the name. ) Was quickly going through some threads trying to figure out what to do and notice that someone had mentioned mixing Chlorte Tetracycline & Gallimucin power for treatment. Never really had a sick one, and not even sure what's wrong. No drainage or swelling in eyes or nose. Any and all thouughts greatly appreciated. Thanks

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