Should I wash a dirty egg?


10 Years
Feb 25, 2009
I want to sell my eggs and I've heard that if I wash them they may get bacteria in them. If I was them, how long can I keep them? If I keep them 3 days and my customer keeps them 1 to 2 weeks will they still be ok?
wash em. I'm sure your customers dont want nasty eggs
I've always washed my dirty eggs in luke warm water no soap. And used them several weeks, probably even a couple months (for the ones that get pushed to the back of the fridge) and have never had any problems.
i wash mine that i sell, but i make sure that the water is about the same temp as the egg....if you get the water to hot when you wash them, the pores will expand, allowing bacteria to get in......i know bacteria gets in regardless but this helps i think.
I don't wash mine. I tell my customers that they come straight from the hen house to the egg carton and if I wash them they will go bad faster. I explain about "bloom" and all that. They don't seem to mind once I tell them why.

PS--I have 2 customers who always remind me that my eggs don't have time to go old at their houses!! They go through 2 dozen a week!
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I wash my eggs before I sell them, but if I know that people aren't going to be here for a couple of days I just wait and wash them before they get here...So I have heard for a couple of people, so not sure if it true, but I hear that if you don't wash them, but keep them in the fridge they can last a yr. without going bad........

I'm not sure of this, and I'm not going to try it, but that is what I've heard.. I sell out of mine as fast as I get them in..

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