Should I worm? School me!

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    Two birds whose rate of lay has slowed drastically, each just over a year old. One's an Ameracauna, and she is now laying about two eggs per week, tiny, yolkles eggs like a newbie, and hasnt lad one of her proper, large, tasty eggs in a month and a half.

    The other's a silver spangled hamburg, (these areoften referred to by the od timers as 'the every day layer) due to their reliability). For a year now, she has laid her perfect, smallish eggs, about six a week - and now she's at maybe one a week.

    My question: no food changes, no behavior changes, no feather loss, dont seem to be molting right now, but I wonder about worms? I've actually never wormed my birds at all, and if they did have worms, woudn't they all, instead of just two? Everybody else (only seven other layers; the rest are all pullets to start laying in a few weeks) is laying up a storm.

    I am puzzled. what else whould I be considering? It's the size of the tiny green beginner-style eggs that's got me concerned, primarily.

    School me!
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    Have you ever wormed them?
    It would not hurt to do it if you have not.
    I understand that some of the worms are too small to see with the naked eye.
    Are their poops normal? Are they eating normally? Are they underweight? How about the weather? Is it hot or cold? Do they have plenty of water?
    Some on here say that adding small quantities of cider vinegar to their water boosts health.
    Hope you find the solution soon.

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