Should my BC Marans be laying?


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Nov 26, 2008
I have a BC Marans whom I think should be laying by now, but isn't. She is at least 6 1/2 months old, and I have an Americauna who is 1 1/2 months max. older than my Marans, but the Americauna has been laying every day (or every other day) for 3 months. I have checked all of the Marans' favorite places in the yard, but I haven't found any eggs that she might be laying. She is eating, pooping, and very healthy, and she and all the others have ground oyster shells next to the laying food, and I know she's been eating them. She doesn't have an egg stuck (I checked!
), so I'm wondering why she isn't laying. Any answers? Thanks!
I think drom's didn't lay till they were around eight months old. Sometimes it has to do with the time you hatched, along with moult, shortening days, diet which varies the speed with which they mature, their rank in the flock, lots of things can slow them down. How does her comb look so far?
It's pretty big (I know she's not a roo though, already been through that faze with another!), about 5/8 of an inch, and her waddles are about the same size. I had a roo from the same batch as her, and his comb was over 2 inches tall when he was 12 weeks old.
I think she may be getting ready to lay soon! She's been "practicing" like my other Americauna hen did by sitting in the nest box during the day, and sometimes cooing. I think she's trying to what my other hen does, so this may be a good sign. Quick question to anyone reading this:
Are BC Marans broody?
You know, it's funny you bring this up because I have a couple marans that are taking their sweet time, too. At this rate, I'm wondering if I'll have to wait til spring to see some eggs! I some aracaunas that are the same age who have been laying for a couple months.

What holdouts!! I hope they get busy soon!!
My Marans just had a comb growth spurt-it is now 1 3/8 inches! And guess what else? I just got her first egg today too! It was dark chocolate brown and really big for a pullet egg (but we think she's 1/4 Langshans 'cause she's a BIG bird!). It was still warm when I got it! I hope you have some luck with your pullets too. Because of the colder weather and fewer dailight hours, you may have to wait until spring. My Americauna is decreasing in her egg production, so I'm wondering how long my Marans will lay for. Best of luck!

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