Should they all start laying together?


10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
I have a flock of 12 Rhode Island Reds that I got in the spring as chicks. I assume they are the same age within a day or so. Some of them have been laying for about a week, but I have also had some egg-eating issues. We've gotten 5 eggs today so far, but it would appear that only about half are laying unless I'm really missing something. I don't think I'm losing more than an egg or two a day to eating.

Does this sound ok? I'm happy to let them start laying when they are ready, but someone suggested they should pretty much all start laying within a few days of each other.



10 Years
May 1, 2009
the edge of insanity
I have 6 easter eggers and 7 silver laced wyandottes. My first EE started laying at the end of August at 20 weeks (exactly. It is now a month later and I know I got a first (green) egg from another of my EE's. They may be the same age, but when they start laying varies. Of the 13 chickens (all same age), I suspect that about 10 of them MAY be laying.

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