should they stay or should they go?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by vtgirls, Jan 6, 2011.

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    May 20, 2010
    These lil chickies were hatched New Years Day by Mama Butter. She is a Bantam Cochin, they are mixed standard chicks. They are together in a room in the house thats running at about 50 degrees (much warmer than outside - 10 at night, 30 by day) but colder than the balmy house. I want to move them to the garage where I have a 3x6 small hoop tractor with a heat lamp running at about 40 degrees. Mama has done very well so far with them - showing them eating, scratching and drinking. When she's hungry she does get of the nest to eat but hurries back once the "i'm freezing mama!!!" peeps start up. I think at the current temps they would be ok out there but worry will they be warm enough when a cold snap comes in February? Will she keep them warm at a few weeks old if its 20 below zero out (the garage is not insulated and the tractor is tarped)? Mama hen had been out in the coop until day 18 so I'm sure she'll be ok. Then, how long before they get introduced/reintroduced to the other 4 hens and roo? I have 14 chicks due in April - does it sound like these little chicks will be part of the flock by then (they'll be 3months)? Thanks for all your help - sorry for all the questions but this is our first Mama hen and they are all so sweet!
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    They should go.
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    "... if I stay there will be trouble. If I go there will be double!"
    Yup. Now I'll be singing THAT song all night. [​IMG]

    They should be fine outside with mama. I had a hen hatch out babies one February. Temps were in the 20s and everyone was just fine. They'll huddle up under mama when they are cold and run around the rest of the time. Transition mama and babies back into the flock and then let them have at it.
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    I agree with CGITC. Mama should keep them real nice and warm, though maybe a heat lamp would be a good idea since she tends to take long food breaks- it doesn't take long for chicks to freeze. [​IMG]

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    I've had one year that a broody hen did have her chicks in the coldest weather. As long she got the set up like you have, she will be fine.
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    I have an American Game Hen that has two 14 weeks old chicks. CHICKS??? [​IMG] She still tries to get them under her wings at night. I think I have a permanent broody on my hands. Oh dang! [​IMG]
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    Momma Hen should keep them warm.... I agree with the others, keep.
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    Thanks so much for all your input! Today I recovered the tractor in the garage (where she will be going with them) with clear plastic (instead of a blue tarp) so we can more easily check on them once they move. With the heat lamp (250 watt bulb) on and the tractor encased in plastic it was 39 in there! I am still holding off a bit longer - so hard to move them out there...... but boy does Mama hen have a stinky morning wakeup gift for me!
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