Should we be worried?

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    Jul 9, 2011
    Hello everyone! Our leghorn of unknown age (she was a rescue from the neighborhood) hasn't laid an egg in possibly 5 days. She is behaving normally, eating, drinking, being her regular ol' noisy self. But I have noticed that she has been sitting in the hen house without result and will sit on our other chicken's egg (we only have one other that is producing eggs at this time). I felt her underside to see if I could feel an egg, and there seems to be one. Our neighbors set off hours of fireworks on the fourth and I'm thinking it could have really stressed her significantly.
    SO. Do we consider this to be an "egg bound" situation even though she isn't behaving sickly at all or do we just trust that her body is working it out, I mean is there harm in giving them a warm bath or oiling the vent? Or could this be a broody situation? Or "just" an older stressed hen situation?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

    The Dahltons
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    I'm a novice, but in my little experience, she's brooding! I just had two hens doing just that. They want to be mothers. My guess is that you don't have a rooster? I don't, so none of the eggs are fertilized. They brooded for about 7 weeks or so, trying to get other chickens' eggs. I read on one of the boards here to put a brooding chicken in a raised, wire cage. The air circulates around the chicken and helps it to stop its behavior. Look up brooding box on this site. It's taught me a lot. Good luck!

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