Show and Tell with our Silkie at School today.

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    I brought Cutie Pie to my boys' Kindergarten and Pre-school classes this morning for show and tell. It went SO well, the adults were more enthralled than the kids! Even the high school boy who was helping in Kindergarten wanted a turn petting her!
    I went over the fun facts that I gleaned from the board here, thanks to all of you who gave me info for this, I get really nervous in front of ppl, even kids, so the facts you gave me made it easy and fun to present. The kids came up with good questions too, once I weeded out all the "I have a cat!" and things like that... everyone got to pet her and look at her blue ears and black skin. It was a lot of fun. Its a cool day today, and school is 20 min from home, between home and work, so I have her with me here at work now in the car with the windows cracked and her food and water on the straw in her carrier. She seems very happy and content clucking away and rustling in the straw.
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    What a wonderful thing to do! sounds like she really went over big!
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    Nice !
    Did she poop in class? [​IMG]
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    Jan 12, 2010
    awwww.......... no pictures! [​IMG]
  5. sparkles2307

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    Quote:She did, right on my pants! It wasn't messy tho, thank goodness!

    No pics, my hands were too full of chicken and I didnt think about having the teachers take pics till after the fact [​IMG]

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