Show/Breeder Quality Dutch Rabbits


10 Years
Mar 11, 2009
Greencastle, IN
I have 4 bucks and 2 does breeder to show quality Dutch rabbits. They all have some minor issues with color runs or not quite straight lines, but they are very nice rabbits with nice bloodlines and will produce nice offspring. One of the bucks is a blue, the other three are black and both does are blacks. Located near Cloverdale, IN but will deliver to the Lebanon IN, (central indiana poultry show) on Oct. 16th if you can't pick them up here. Will make someone an excellent deal on the whole lot or if you are in 4-H as well. Asking 10.00 each on the does and one black buck and 5.00 each on the other three.
We are selling these for a friend of ours that has bred Dutch for 8+ years. Her kids have grown and are done with 4-H now, but she has recently had some health issues and developed an allergy to rabbit fur. Because of that she can't spend the time she wishes in her rabbit barn and would like to see these go to someone that wants to work with them, and possibly even show them. Please e-mail with any questions. THANKS!!!

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