Show Cattle? Any info?


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Nov 16, 2007

I have some questions about show cattle. I found some area's near me the I can put a cow or two on for a little less then a dollar a day.

I went to a agriculutre fair and watched the cattle show and enjoyed it.

I have some questions about it though.
What breeds do you show?
What genders and age?
I'm 16 by the way.

Where do you keep your show cattle?
Do they eventully get butchered?
What do they get judged on?
And anything else you think I should know. lol

Thanks, and if you have please post pics.
I can help with the show part kinda, I have done livestock judging for a few years with FFA. Ok, for beef steers they get judged on how muscular they are and how structurally sound they are. For example, they have to have a strait back, strait legs, they should have a nice and meaty looking. The brisket area I think it is in the front can tell you how fatty they are most of the time, if it is really squishy looking, they are too fatty and wont be any good for butcher. Eventually all beef steers get butchered.
For other show cattle they have breed standards that they judge them on.

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