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I realize this is a very broad question and cannot be answered specifically but I am just looking for some frame of reference. How many birds, trios, and hatched chicks would I need to have to produce show birds that could win in the show ring? I am looking more at local shows, county/state fairs, etc. not at large national shows. Again I realize this is a very difficult question to answer but I am just trying to get an idea of what a typical flock might look like for someone who shows birds.


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Oct 15, 2007
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I try to raise 50-100 birds in a single beed and variety. This is from at least 3 pens but usually from 4 or 5. These are bantams, and some don't hatch that well.
If you have some lines that are fairly well set you may get away with half that number.

Keep in mind I said" try to raise"



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Feb 28, 2013
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I'd say plan on raising at least 10 birds for every "decent" show bird (birds that are going to be in the running for best of breed), and 50+ for every "real good" show bird you wanted (class champion level or above). Just trying to generalize here. There's no hard and fast rule. blackred mentioned well set lines, you can do that by hatching a lot and only keeping a few every year (I aim to keep 5% roughly of what I hatch if that, then after a couple years, you won't have to hatch as many because the genetics are set. As someone I look up to once said, what you'll tolerate is what you'll have.

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