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    Sep 2, 2009
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    My girls are just starting 4-H and I have a few chicks on the way. I had a friend of mine out today and she suggested that on of my Roos the girls show this year. He is beautiful to me and my favorate roo. He is the one that will stay when the other boys are re homed. I have ZERO experience with sex links and I guess that is what this roo is! I think he is beautiful but wonder would he really show good? I dont see many sex links in the shows. Here are a few pics of him. He is a BIG hearty boy he is only about 24 weeks but HUGE to me and HEAVY.. Opinions?? If more pics are needed I will get pics when the kids get home and can hold him so you can see his size! We have 2 pure bred BR roos that are half his weight he is definatly my dominant roo!!



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    While very pretty, I do not think you can show sex-links. They are not actually a breed and therefore have no Standard to be judged on.

    Also not sure what class you are wanting the girls to enter in. If it is a meat pen, generally all the kids in the chapter have to get their chicks from the same place at the same time and they all have to be the same breed. Some breeds grow faster than others so it is how they make it "fair".
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    Sex links aren't a breed. They are actually mutts and i believe will be a DQ . They are pretty though~
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    It does depend on if they have a 4H show or not. At our local fair, the 4H kids are able to show sexlinks in breeding trios. But I would check with your local fair and see what classes they have.

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