Show-Me Silkies Blue, Black & Splash Silkie Hatching Eggs 1 Day ONLY


12 Years
Dec 29, 2008
Central Missouri
My Coop
My Coop
6 plus any extras my hen provide from my pen of bearded Blue, Black & Splash Silkies. None of my Silkies are hatchery stock and I take pride in selective breeding for personality and type. Chicks from these Silkies have been full of fluff, strength and personality. All of my birds are on a diverse diet of greens, grain, crumbles, and on a high protein diet. Fertility has been excellent if not 100%. Testimonials on my website from those who have purchased and hatched from me. I do pack very well and shipped eggs, as far as Hawaii, have had amazing results (photos on website of my packaging method). I am sure you will be most satisfied with the hatch from Show-Me Silkies.

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