Show-Me Silkies *Buff*White*Blue*Splash*Black* Silkie Hatching Eggs

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    Half dozen (plus extras) Fresh & Fertile Hatching Eggs from my beautiful stock of Silkies. Photos & details are available via my website. At the moment I am able to offer eggs from my pen of Whites and pen of Blue, Black and Splash. I have two on the waiting list for eggs from my Buffs and if interested I will be able to fill and ship "new" orders within a month. Visit for photos. Any questions feel free to ask! WWW.SHOWMESILKIES.COM




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    I had a 100% hatch rate from Davids eggs picked up locally last December for my Christmas hatch. The white pullet out of the bunch was stunning. I got a good price for them when I decided to stick with one bantam breed.
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    Hi David, I thought I recognized that logo......he he [​IMG] Nice Birds

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