Show me your Black Copper Maran's - *first post updated with winners*


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
best in roo: Adam Henry
Best in Hen: Madelide
Best in egg:PrincessChicken's egg
Best in chick:PrincessChicken's chick
Congrats you guys

Sorry there are no prizes, maybe my next contest with have a virtual ribbon or something. I was planning on making them for this one but got too busy.

Here is a place to show off your black copper Maran's.
There is no limit on the amount of pictures of you birds you can post up. Since I love to look at other peoples bird pictures.
They can be chicks, adults, males, females. It doesn't matter to me.
My only requirements are:

-Respect your fellow poster.
-They must be pure bred, or mostly pure. (sorry it is because of how I am judging them)
-Please try to post the age of the bird, along with name if it has one.
-You can post pictures of their eggs (Since they have to most amazing color.)
- Try to post clear pictures of the bird.(makes judging easier.)
-And it must be your ow chicken

I will be judging on how well they fit the French standard, Winner will be announced on April 1st.
Even if your don't think they fit the French standard, still feel free to post up some pictures.
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Name: Adam Henry
Cock aprox. 6 months old


Side pic isn't the best since he seems to always be in motion.

Day olds from shipped eggs... I got 1 wheaton from a seperate shipment (not in my program)
Well what I do is I uoload the photo onto, then copy the image code, and then paste it onto here.

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