Show Me Your Chicken Theme Christmas Gifts!


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Mar 15, 2011
Lakeland, FL
I know some of you got chicken themed presents! I've been dying to show off mine and I want to see yours!!

This sweet chicken with a stroller was from my youngest boy. I just love this especially because he found it and bought it himself and because I had a broody hatch chicks on Christmas day!! (Don't mind the drinkie, I took the pic while we were out working on the new broody coop)


And this one wasn't a present for me. My sister bought it for my DBF at an antique shop. Isn't it a hoot?! It was quite the, ummm, conversation piece, at Christmas!


Now show me yours!!
Lucky you!! Those are WONDERFUL!! I particulary like that figurine! You should serve chicken noodle soup in your bowls. ...
I almost bought S&P shakers for myself today.
Wonderful gifts! I've been wanting one of those signs. Wherever did the feather chicken ornament come from? It's fabulous!!
Nola, is your's like Goldies?? I have to have one!! That's a lot of Christmas stuff. I can stay busy for hours poking around that website!

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